about flup

You have reached the personal website of Jason Alan Palmer. I'm an electrical / computer / software / research engineer. Lately I'm mostly a Python developer.

What am I even doing?

I share stuff on GitHub: github.com/jalan

I try to help out with some of the free and open-source software I use every day, by writing patches, sending pull requests, submitting useful bug reports, or supporting other users. It is easy to be Here is a short list of projects I have been at least marginally useful to!: Chromium, django-rest-framework, Gentoo Linux, GNU Octave, KDE, sK1, Spacewalk, Wine


I can be reached at jalanpalmer@gmail.com. You can also find me on freenode IRC, where I go by jalan. Lately you might find me in #gentoo or #winehq. Sometimes I'm on every day for a month; sometimes I'm absent for months at a time.